Colouring it Red

Helloow my gorgeous darlings,

I have been always fascinated with colours and love dyeing or highlighting my hair in different shades. Previously I have used the Copper Red color. But, since my hair is having a natural shade of brown, it didn’t really made the colour standout. So this time, I thought of going for a bolder one. Initially, I thought of trying blonde or golden brown. Unfortunately, my hair texture is dry and the blonde shade could make it look rough after some days. I hate frizzy hair and thought I would better not take the risk. So I settled for the fiery magenta red from L’Oreal  Excellence Hicolor.

I dyed the back of my hair and kept the front part as it is. The result was amazing specially with the way my natural dark brown hair blended  with the magenta red. ☺️😍

Before the colour

hairstyle ideas - dainty street

After the color

how to maintain coloured hair - dainty street

My long luscious hair is now in the tint of magenta red- I am totally in love with L’Oreal. 😍😍

To maintain the coloured hair, I follow these hair care regime:

  • Red dyes have large molecules, so tends to fade away easily. Use hair color that maximizes high-definition color results.
  • Choose hair color with natural oils like L’Oreal so that your hair  looks shiny and healthy.
  • Shampoo just two-three times a week with a color safe shampoo.
  • After coloring wait for at least 48 hours before the shampoo.
  • Use moisturizing conditioners and wash with cold water.
  • Pamper yourself with a deep conditioning once a week.
  • Use less heat.
  • Drink lots of water and maintain a healthy diet.

Hope you find this post helpful for your next hair colouring spree!

Till then, stay beautiful,




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