The Indian Fall Fashion

Fall or autumn in a tropical land like Indian doesn’t mean chilly winds or sweaters. For us it is mostly pleasant with droplets of sweat in the afternoon. 😉

Today I went for a saturday lunch-out with the special one and the occasion definitely deserved some deck up. I chose the Indian fall attire for today in the loose tee, camisoles, skinnies and junk accessories. ( Yes, you read it right we don’t need scarves and cardigans for Fall )

I bought the top as my Durga puja gift from Zara in Phoenix City Market, Pune. I love the grey color and the loose casual fit. The oomph factor was added by the plunging neckline which reaches the bra line. I wore a black cami underneath the tee and it was beautifully peeping from the top. The top was loose and long, and teamed with a pair of tight skinny. The figure was flattered in the perfect manner with the correct dose of chic in it. I love long boho neckchains and this silver one is my newest collection. With the silver ear-rings, I was accesorized in junkies.


I took a long slinged bag and the orange color was adding some vibrance to my otherwise greys and blacks. The hair was tied back in a pony with the strands kept unkempt on the front.

I am sure this style can make me fit perfectly in the soothing Months of Oct-Nov in India. What I like the best is how nicely the loose tee can give shape so incredibly. Share your Fall fashion too with me. Would love to hear from you dearies. 😘

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