Homemade Facial for acne prone skin

Face is the most critical part of our body.It always remains exposed to lot of dirt, sun, makeup and yet it has to remain beautiful, radiant, clear and young all the time. Tough job indeed !!!

I had my chicken pox 8 months ago and post that my skin has changed from dry to oily. I have been suffering from a lot of blemishes, acne, breakouts and the worst part they were leaving behind some ugly marks. I had stopped going to the beauty salons for facials in the fear of the harsh chemicals and was mostly keeping my face clean and makeup free. For the past few months, I have explored various home-made options and found the perfect face spa at home. My ingredients were simple: the ayurvedic Himalayan facewash and face scrub along with the ageold ingredients right from the kitchen.

I started by cleaning my face with Himalaya Neem Face Wash. It has neem and turmeri. And works perfectly well for acne prone skin. Then I applied the Himalaya Neem Scrub. I usually srcub the T-zone and the cheeks in circular motion with the scrub for almost 10 minutes. This scrub not only removes the deeper dirts, but also prevents the skin from further breakouts or pimples.

Acne prone skin is a dwelling place of lots of blackheads and whiteheads. It usually doesn’t come out with the scrub and I generally use my blackhead remover stick from Vegas. You must follow a few things to avoid inflammation post the tool usage:

Make sure the stick is disinfected with anti-bacterial fluids like dettol or savlon. If you are getting it done in a salon, make sure you carry your own kit to avoid any infections.Don’t press the skin too harshly with the stick. If the blackhead is stubborn, use the sharpened edge softly to pick it and then press it with the other corner. I usually prefer taking  steam on my face before this process to make the pores larger.

Finally the time to use my home made face mask. My ingredients are pretty simple- besan, honey, lemon, turmeric and sugar. I mix them all in a bowl and refrigerate overnight to make it thicker and to let all the acid mix in. The citric acid from the lemons removes the blemishes and acne marks and also prevents pimples. The glutamic acid from the sugar cubes makes the skin firm , maintaining the acid-base balance, thus controlling the oil levels. Turmeric is yet another magic drug to keep your face clear and reduces the oil secretion from the sebaceous glands. Finally honey, as we all know gives the glow and hydration to the skin,making  it soft; while besan acts as a natural soap with binding properties.


Rub the pack all over the face and neck. Also use it on your lips to give it back the glow and color. Keep the face mask for 15 minutes till it dries up. If you have some of the pack left, use it on your feet, elbows, knees and hands in circular motion and leave it to dry for a few minutes.

Finally when you are removing your pack, don’t use a wet towel. Rather use some luke warm water and scrub of the mask. The sugar cubes act as natural scrubbers and cleanse the skin from inside. Finally dab your skin with some cold water to close the pores and pat it dry.

I generally use some calamine lotion post the facial and keep my face without any makeup for a day. Try to do this thing in a dark place and avoid going out in sun at least for 12-14 hours to avoid sun burns.

Trust me dearies, this face spa therapy is extremely rejuvenating and keeps your skin healthy and glowing in a natural way.

Do try this at home and share your experience with me. Don’t forget to like,comment and follow me. 😘

I’ll be back soon with more beauty and fashion hacks. Till then Buh byeeee ❤️❤️

One thought on “Homemade Facial for acne prone skin

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