Winter Hair Care

Winter is back and so begins the trauma of dryness, frizzy hair and chapped lips. πŸ˜”

Hair getting dry, frizzy and dull is one of the major problems for everyone during this crazy winter. And, I believe the only way to put an end to this is deep moisturising. Hair is one of those body parts which requires a lot of natural oils for all the glow and shine. To get that essential oils, the treatment needs to be done from the roots or scalp. I am a huge lover of organic and homemade products and let me share with you my hair moisturising tips.

I have added yogurt, honey and lemon juice and mixed it with a few drops of hot coconut oil. Yogurt is the perfect natural moisturizer and honey adds all the volumes and shine to my hair. I have used lemon juice for scalp cleaning and coconut oil for its age old hairgrowth formula. This hairmask is applied all over and I have taken special care for it to Β reach my scalp and roots. Massage for about 15minutes to let the hair follicles and scalp pores absorb the necessary nutrients and moisture. Then wrap your hair with a hot towel for the steaming effect for around 10 minutes.

I generally use a mild shampoo with a low pH to wash off the mask. If you have oily to normal hair no need to apply the conditioner and keep it all natural. If your hair is dry as mine you can take a few drops of your favourite conditioner and apply it on the edges just for the smooth finish. 😍

Trust me guys, this hair therapy is absolutely essential for both the girls and the boys duringwinter. And the results are awesome. Well check it out yourself πŸ˜‰

Do comment your thoughts and let me know your hair care regime at home 😘

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