Maybelline Clean Express Review

Well I must say, one of the reasons I hate putting on makeup is the pain of removing it. Along with the removal, the post makeup acne or pimples is even more horrifying. All these arise because of the bacteria, that start breeding under the skin due to lack of cleanliness or remnants of makeup. After loads of research, I purchased a bottle of Maybelline-New York Clean Express Total Clean ! I must say I am happy with a perfect makeup removal after a long time 🙂


This awesome product can remove the stubborn eyeliners, mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick pretty easily. I took 3 drops of the liquid on the cotton balls and kept it on my eyes and all the makeup came out in just one go. Cool isn’t it? 😀

And, the best part is, unlike other good makeup removal liquids, this is pretty cheap and is a great value for money.

Well, I would rate this product 4/5 in quality and 4.5/5 in value for money. I am posting my pics with the makeup and after removing the makeup with the liquid, and you can see the difference yourself !


 With the makeup


             Post makeup removal


I am sure, you girls will love this one once you use it. It comes in a small bottle and is extremely easy to be accommodated in your hand-bag.

Maybelline has always been a dear brand to me and as always this time also it has proved its quality. 🙂



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