Cleansing your Makeup Brush


The fine bristles and the smooth touch surely have melted your heart more than once. But, with one application those clean bristles turn beige and pink, with the makeup particles remaining behind. Worse, if you continue using the makeup brush with the solid makeup particles, your skin will get affected and may be you will catch a bacterial infection. Phew! Tricky situation, I must say. 😦

The easiest way to clean those beautiful brushes is by using a baby shampoo or may be a soft shampoo with  pH. Take some lukewarm in a bowl and mix some shampoo in it. Dip in your brushes and gently twirl it inside the shampoo pool. You can take some q-tips to remove the stubborn dirt hidden in between the fine bristles. Soak it for 10 minutes or more and pat it dry using a clean towel or a wiper. Keep the brushes under the sun for a day and the next day you get that clean, silky and smooth touch on your face again.

Cleansing your makeup brush is extremely important and make sure it is being done at least thrice a week. Even, if you are getting your makeup done by some professional salon or makeup artist, check the brushes and ensure it is totally clean.

Your skin is more delicate than you and pamper it in every possible way. ❤


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