Glittery red Nails


The Santa Season can never be complete without the red nails. And, it becomes better with the shimmery and glittery  nail paint. I have got an awesome red glitter nail paint from the Glitter Mania range of Color Show from Maybelline New York.


I am not a “bling” kind of a girl and I have messed up with glittery nail paints many a times as a teenager. 😛 However I took the risk this time because of the festive mood and made it through quite easily. 😀 ( with a few hiccups on the way 😛 )

I have used a light base-coat and applied two coats of this beautiful glitter. Whenever you are wearing the glittery nail paint, make sure you allow the coats to dry completely. So it is always advisable to have enough time, while you are doing this nail art. My nail paint got smudged a little and I made it up by licking the paint. Licking is surely an easy way to fix those smudges. :).After applying my second coat and the top coat, I dipped my nails in the ice-cold water just to dry it and make it solidified easily.

I’am so much in love with the glitters and the texture of the nail paint and up for my Boxing Day. 😀

Let’s paint the town red this season! ❤



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