Poetry in Pink from Coloréssence

I have tried pink lip colours, ranging from fuchshia pink to baby pink. But this version of “Poetry in Pink” from Coloréssence is surely something different from the rest. A matte pink combined with the velvety crimson gives rise to this beautiful dark, yet smooth texture. 😍

The lipstick comes in a creamy texture and can be easily glided on the lips. I initially started by putting a little lip primer and then used the sharpened edges of the lipstick to line the lips. I usually make a cross on the cupid’s bow and then border the rest of the edges. After filling in the lips with this pretty color, you get an awesome matte and velvety finish. I personally love glossy lips, but this color was too rich to be the glossy kind of the lipstick ☺️

This is surely one of my newest bestfriends and it has got a versatile charm.  You can wear it in the morning for your office with a dash of eyeliner and even at the evening cocktail parties with the smoky eyes. I will be soon up with the eye makeup tips. Till then, ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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