The Chilly Streetfashion

It has been quite sometime since I have posted an article on Fashion. This time I thought of trying something again for my lovely readers on winter fashion. Winters are one of the shortest and most awaited seasons in India, when we can flaunt those sexy jackets, elegant coats and fluffy sweaters. ❤️ 

 I got this stylish leather jacket as a gift from my brother an year back. The way the zippers are positioned along with an old “cowgirl” look to it is extremely swaggy. The criss-cross adjustables on the side of the jacket, adds a little more ruggedness to it. I paired it up with my good old black jeans from Jealous 21. I love the fit of this brand and this skinny range suits my petite figure a lot. 💛

I took a Boho sling bag from Pantaloons. What I love about this bag is the beautiful Indian patchwork on it. Though it comes in a bit boring shade of brown, but this color matched very well with my outfit. 👜

Finally, my look is complete with the grey wedges from Inc 5 shoes and bright pink pop on the lips. ❤️

Do let me know how you like this simple streetfashion. 😊

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