Ultimate Vegas Outfit through my eyes!

Hey lovelies,

It’s been 4 months since I have posted my last blog.

Firstly, I am really sorry for becoming inactive for the past few months. I was occupied in various professional and personal commitments and it had been very hectic.  I got plenty of requests for the past few months to come back from my hibernation mode and finally an e-mail from a dear friend motivated me to gear back to the world of blogging. This break has allowed me to ponder over various things, which I have left un-addressed before and this time I will try to encompass some wider heart-touching topics along with our favourite domains of beauty and fashion. 🙂

I have been invited by Vegas.com Team to participate in the #UltimateVegasOutfit and it was really exciting to have the long photo-session which depicted the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. Frankly speaking, having not visited Vegas, it has been a bit difficult for me to visualize those posh hotels, premier clubs and present the fashion story. Still, I hope with the help of the Vegas.com team and definitely Google, I will be rendering some justice to my imagination.

My ultimate Vegas Outfit is inspired by a lunch date at Lemongrass Hotel in Aria, Las Vegas. The silk factory inspired ambiance with Thai cuisine delicacies is a surely a place where the fashionistas can express themselves in their authentic sleek styles.

A lunch date can never go wrong in a skirt and I have styled it up in my own unique way. Recently I got a pink coloured bodycon dress. The best thing about that dress is a bow at the waistline inspired by the Retro fashion, which is fixed to the dress by small drapes from both sides. The dress has a bodycon pencil fit and the size was perfect for a sexy yet sober look on a sunny afternoon. I usually tend to avoid a lot of skin show during daytime, so I have slipped in a plain white bling top to camouflage the plunging neckline of the dress, giving the impression of a skirt and a top. The top has a very soft and feminine neckline which is carved in the shape of the petals to add a girlish touch to the glamorous dress.


As, I have already told, I have visualized the Lemongrass Hotel at Vegas and have chosen a rooftop restaurant in Pune which got a very beautiful terrace to bathe in the afternoon sun and enjoy some delicious grilled food!


I got a pair of anklets from Goa and styled it up with my outfit. Anklets with skirts gives a sultry and tribal touch to the otherwise posh outfit. My neck was adorned with a sapphire stone studded neckpiece and I have avoided the ear-rings to keep the accessories minimalist ( as you must all know by now, I am a minimalist freak 😀 ). My shoes are my favourite pair of cross belted wedges in grey and brown.


Daytime mean a strict no-no for makeup for me and I have kept it very simple with just some liner and a pink lipstick ( yes, I went almost no-makeup! )

A photosession after a long time was real fun and thanks to the Vegas Team for urging me to publish this article ( was getting too much dormant, needed a bit of kick at the back :P)

Would look forward for love and support for my kind of #UltimateVegasOutfit and I am sure I am coming up with some more intriguing insights on fashion and lifestyle after my short period of hibernation. 🙂

Keep liking,commenting and sharing, Till then let me plan my vacation to Vegas. 😉


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