2 Must Have Tees for your Mini Skirt

A school mini-skirt can always bring down your age miraculously. Inspired by Taylor Swift’s wardrobe, I have tried out two types of basic tees to style up the swift skirt. A striped tight tee and a loose plunging tee in pastel shade – the two basic items of our wardrobe can do wonders at times.


taylor swift in striped tee and swift skirt

This is stylish and elegant at the same time. I have tried to create the same cute school girl look with this zebra striped tees and blue swift skirt. I have carried a leather backpack with this outfit to add some more cuteness to this shy yet evergreen look of a school girl. And yes! can’t miss out on the pink feet. 🙂


My next pick from Taylor’s wardrobe is a stylish yet loose and relaxed tee.

Taylor Swift in loose tee
Taylor Swift in loose tee

I have chosen this one during my vacation at Goa. The lazy beaches, monsoon rains and the windy weather demanded loads of bohoness for me. And I gave in to it in my plunging loose tee with the same blue swift skirt. No makeup , no accessories, no hand bags – just a pair of slippers are enough to hit the golden sands.

mini skirt with loose tee
Swift skirt with loose tee

The same skirt has been paired up in two different manners based on the occasion. The first one is a must have for your Saturday day outing with high-school or college buddies. The later one is your vacation outfit for a relaxed getaway on a beach this monsoon.


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