Styling the Dhoti Pant

For the last Β two years’ summer-fashion dhoti pants are making a trendy mark in the streets of India. This monsoon, I thought of trying it one more time with my brand new polka dotted pants. It’s raining cats and dogs and this pair of pants were quite a pain to carry in the muddy streets. (thank god! I had a very brief amateur photoshoot.)

The rain made the weather very cold, so I have styled the dhoti pants with a tight full sleeved casual tee. Got my old tie and dye dupatta and rolled it to give the impression of a pleated scarf.

dhoti pant with scarf
Dhoti Pants and Scarf
dhoti pants and tee
dhoti pants and tee

Though a very casual and minimalist fashion statement, the fluffiness of the pants can be a boho fashion statement to your otherwise boring city street style.

Try it once to your office to have a boho day at workplace. πŸ˜‰

dhoti pants and boho fashion
dhoti pants_boho fashion


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