Blogging Tips – how to be an organised blogger?

When you run a blog, you wear the hats of an editor, writer, marketing manager, coder – all at the same time. Being Jack of so many trades is not a child’s play. In my brief stint of blogging career of over one year I have realised being ‘organised’ is the key to success. Due to my day work and other priorities, I am still not being able to adhere to the schedules and calendars, but still I have tried to maintain one plan sheet to keep a track of my personal progress  as a blogger.

It’s OK not to be tech-friendly at times!

The checkered excel sheets or the cool apps are never my cup of tea. When it comes to creating social calendars, plans, themes etc. I am way more friendly with a piece of paper and pen. Generally, I use a diary and some coloured pencils and sketch pens to create my own customised plan sheet. Handwritten notes written in coloured inks easily connect me to the plan and it feels really great to tick it in green as soon as an activity is accomplished. ( the childhood way!)

Collect the ideas as soon as it flows

For me blogging is an art. Sometimes my head becomes totally empty, while the next moment my head is clogged with all the creative ideas. Creativity comes in a natural flow and as soon as the ideas come, we tend to forget them the very next moment. So, I have always made sure I have my diary with me wherever I go. I jot down anything, anywhere that strikes me and I always have a stock filled with ideas on my notebook.

how to be organized as a blogger
diary and pens for creating plans

Prioritise your activities

Time is the biggest challenge for any blogger. So before you jump into a lot of things at one go, first create a list which you need in the short term and in the long term. I have never aimed to make my blog a success in a few months. Rather the trick to sustain as a blogger is to go slow and steady. I generally set my objectives for a quarter and then make monthly plans to achieve the goals. Based on the urgency and importance of the tasks, I divide the monthly plans into weekly activities and further break it into daily tasks. Whenever I see a small goal to be achieved on a daily basis, it becomes very easy for me to reach my monthly and quarterly goals. Our mind can accommodate only a few things at a time and so it’s very important we take small strides, rather than long jumps.

Last minute check

This is a must and thankfully I have learned to stick to this recently. Before publishing any blog posts, always make sure of the following:

  • caption and anchor tags on images.
  • no typing error.
  • avoid spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
  • check the flow of the content.
Things to do to become an organized blogger
Laptop, Diary and sketch pens

In this one year journey, I have learnt a lot from my fellow bloggers. Being methodical and organised is one of the best skills for personal and professional development and in this world of blogging it’s a must.


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