Indian Ethnic Style – Patiala with Kurta

I might be the versatile fashion addict, but when it comes to special days the heart always goes Desi.

You must have spotted me in traditional avatars only for a few occasions. But, after a long haul of around one month the churidar-lover inside me was craving for something very Indian. So I raided my wardrobe to come up with some vibrancy for my office wear in pink patiala pants, white kurta and purple dupatta. I might sound crazy, but I have actually tried out this style at my office.


The purple and hot pink gelled flawlessly adding lot of color and brightness. The white kurta gave a sober contrasting effect to this colorful riot. I guess, you guys have known by now, I tend to avoid jewellery. Indianwear without jewellery is a strict no-no, but again who cares, when style reflects individual personality?



Originating from the city of Patiala in Punjab, this pleated pant is famous for being the royal or the Shahi costumes for the kings and queens. My lips in bright blood red tried to hold back this royalty a bit more along with some copper eyeshadow and gel eyeline.

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