Floral Whites!

Since I wasn’t keeping well for the past few days, my long weekend plan got spoilt:( Though it was hard for me to get out of the bed, still thought of making up for my spoilt plan by going for a brunch yesterday.

I was feeling very dull and weak and needed some sublime colours to freshen up my mood. The floral printed white midi dress from Jabong was lying inside my wardrobe, unattended for many months. So thought of trying up this classy yet oh-so-feminine dress for my weekend eat-out. 🙂

white floral dress
White Floral dress
floral printed dress for sunday brunch
floral prints

I love the way the color has blended with cuteness and elegance to give a soft look to my boring sick days. The blue colored heels from Catwalk complemented quite well with the light colored dress. I was feeling too lazy to do my hair, so thought of keeping it loose with a few strands falling on my face. 🙂

The makeup was quite minimalist with a pop of pink lipcolor and coral eyeshadow from Maybelline.


High heels with white dress
White dress and High heels
White dress street style
White dress with minimal makeup

This can be a simple yet an ethereal look for your office parties as well as afternoon lunch with your buddies. If you’re opting this dress on your date night, wear bright shades of crimson lipcolor with a sling bag to get that glam quotient on. 😉


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