Farewell to the Summers

With October, officially setting in it’s our favourite time of the year again. Soon, we will be updating our closet with those stylish Winter-Fall outfits and it’s time for me to bid goodbye to the summer one last time. I chose a sleeveless straight cut printed frock for the farewell of summer. I have recently bought this dress from Myntra.com.

Quirky dresses

Though this frock hasn’t accentuated my curves well, the oversized fit with the perfect length is too cute to resist. The color combination is very rate – with green as the base and yellow, black and white creating the patches on it. From a distance you can easily get fooled by the prints to be some comic dialogues with the the black prints on white patch; but on a closer look you’ll realise these are just some geometrical patterns which make the dress very quirky and fun. The quirk factor comes as an youthful surprise. 🙂

geometric printed dress

straight cut dress with prints

You can match this dress with a pair of white sneakers to keep the fun level high, but as usual I chose my way with a pair of leather loafers. When the dress is so cute, my bag needs to be cute and sleek too. So,  I settled for my blue sling bag (also from Myntra.com).

Styling the dress with sling bag

Loafers with dress

For the hair, you can twist a few stands and secure with bobby pins and let the rest of the hair flow freely. I went very low on my eye makeup and added a lot of red on my lips.

My favorite part of this look is the prints. If you’ve the same print love like mine, share it with me on the comment sections.:)

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