Dainty Wedding Diaries #3

It’s Monday and it’s time for some tips for all the bride-to-be(s) like me. 😀

Haldi is an integral part of an Indian wedding. It has been believed for ages that turmeric can quickly turn on that wedding glow on your face. Moreover, it is extremely good in curing acne scars. So, I can’t help but give you a tutorial on the wedding facial with haldi. 🙂

After a cleansing face scrubbing session, all you need is a healthy face mask to keep your skin fresh and glowing. I have always believed in keeping it simple; so the ingredients are again quite simple – besan (chickpea flour), dahi (curd) and haldi (turmeric).

turmeric curd and besan face pack

How to apply?

Haldi is a must for the big day. So start off your haldi sessions three to four months in advance by mixing it with dahi and besan. Apply the thick mixture on your face evenly with a brush and let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes. You can also apply this mixture on your elbows and feet. Rinse it off with cold water and don’t use any face wash.

Face pack for bride-to-be

Post facial:

After the facial, I usually massage my skin gently with a mixture of lacto calamine and water to keep the smoothness intact.

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