Styling your bodycon dress at office

Bodycon dresses with their flawless fit and sexy look are always a strict no-no in most of the offices. But who wants to wear that boring old trousers and formal shirts everyday to office? So here’s a trick to camouflage your bodycon dress into a formal attire for the weekdays.

Choosing the right one:

styling dress with scarf

You can’t go too short nor you can go for lot of skin show at the office. Get a basic bodycon dress. It’s best if you opt for short sleeved one and make sure the length is not too above your knees. I leave it on you to decide on the color – from peaches and blushes to crimsons and black anything will go. Just make sure you’re not going for the neons in your office. (you know why!)

Accessorize it:

styling the bodycon dress

A bodycon dress looks very minimalist and simple. If you are the formal kinda person, then just keep it like that. But if you like to add a bit of soft feminine side to this look, wrap around your scarf. I have chosen a white floral scarf, that complements the blue color of my dress quite well.

Your workspace doesn’t allow you to go overboard with jewellery. So keep it to the basics with some pretty studs and bracelets.

The love for shoes:

Sneakers with dress

You can nail it here! Either go for those sexy stilettos or you can bring out the fun side with sneakers. Keeping the office formalities in mind, you can opt for a pair of leather sneakers like I did.

Curls and blushes:

Office makeup ideas

Let’s go a bit overboard with the make up unlike the regular office days. 🙂

Wear that red lipstick and apply loads of mascara. Not to mention, the green eyeliner. Complete the look with the touch of your blush. Tease your curls to create a pouf and pin it at the back, letting the hair rest on your shoulders.


If you have also created a different look for your office recently like I did, share the link on the comments section below. I would definitely love to see them. 🙂




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