Off Shouldering in tee shirt dress

With the off-shoulder trending this season, I went for the horizontal striped, off-shoulder tee shirt dress. The black and red stripes added to the warm colours of the fall. The weather has already become pretty cool in Pune and many parts of India and the saturated scarlet fever adds to the flavour of the soothing afternoon breeze and to the smell of the falling leaves. The horizontal stripes adds a bit of volume to my petite small structure. Due to my short height, the hem of the dress has reached my knees, but this dress surely adds a beautiful silhouette to my hour-glass figure.Red lipstick, a thin eye liner, some loose curls and a pretty purse in neutral shades with a pair of my favourite leather sneakers completes my look. Instead of the flat sneakers, a pair of small boots could even do wonders for this petite look.

off shoulder tee shirt dress in horizontal stripes


Off shoulder tee shirt dress for petite girls

off shoulder dress for thin girls


Horizontal striped tee shirt dress


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