Day Trekking at Malshej Ghats :: Denim and Basic Tee

Backpacking in denim shorts and basic grey tee

Went for a day trekking trip at Malshej Ghats couple of weeks back. Ditched my dressy affairs and got myself clad in a worn out faded denim shorts with a basic grey tee shirt and a camisole underneath. My leather backpack was a must have for this trip along with a pair of leather sneakers. No makeup and no accessories day!

Leather sneaker for trekking - dainty street

Trekking at Malshej Ghat in Pune

It was sunny and pleasant on top of the hills and the views with the tall trees and the rocky cliffs of the Western Ghats were a treat to the eyes. We stayed there for around 4-5 hours and the best part of the trip was the trek to Shivneri Fort, the birthplace of Chatrapati Shivaji. The ruggedness along with the architectural marvels of the Maratha Empire are fascinating for travellers who love archaeological ruins and remains.

Outfit ideas for trekking


Shorts : Recap Jeans from Central Pune

Tee shirt : Zara

Backpack : Forever 21 from Phoenix Market City, Pune

How to reach Malshej Ghats:

Take a flight to Pune Airport or Mumbai Airport. Hire a cab from any of these cities (we booked Savaari). There are also a few local buses till Junnar if you want to travel in low budget, but from Junnar you need to take a local cab. It takes around 3 – 3.5 hours by toad from Pune or Mumbai.

Best time to visit Malshej Ghats:

Monsoons ( June to September) and Winter ( November to February).

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