DIY Street Style for the Summers

That same old dress or the jumpsuit styled in the same way every time – it’s so boring at times.

Let’s get over the Monday Blues by trying something new with your wardrobe essentials. A quirky and tiny cute dress and a striped jumpsuit were ruling our closet once upon a time. The fad might have gone, but our love for those outfits can never die.

DIY Daintylook 1

Tucking my cute printed sleeveless dress inside my favourite palazzos – a nice way to add some curves to the lean petite structure.

An embellished bling handbag and a pair of flats – perfect for an ethnic finish for the summer evenings.

Dress – Myntra

Palazzos – Streets of Delhi

Handbag – Streets of Calcutta

DIY Daintylook 2 :

I have got over my jumpsuit syndrome and it’s time to reutilise it. A basic white top over my jumpers goes great for an casual afternoon with friends. Fun,  frolic yet classy – that’s the look for you!


Jumpsuit – Streets of Delhi

Top – Forever 21

Bag – Lederland

Slippers – Catwalk

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