What is Dainty Street?

Dainty Beauty + Street Style = Dainty Street

I am Isheeta and I started blogging about fashion, food and travel from 2015. For me, ‘Fashion’ is a way to express one’s inner soul amidst different cultures, traditions and comfort zones. Street Fashion has been like the second skin to me – no matter, where I go, what I do, street style looks can never unfollow me. And, thus started my journey to explore this through this fashion blog on street style in India. Being a petite girl, I have been always intrigued by the idea of fashion and street style for small and thin girls and ‘Dainty Street’ was born with this vision in 2016.

What is the idea of Dainty Street?ย 

Dainty Street is a Fashion Blog on street style for petite and thin girls in India. Recently with the plus sized beauties reigning the fashion world for their curvy style statement, I felt somehow we are forgetting to praise the petite beauties for their perfect hour-glass figures. I am in the quest to encourage the small and thin beauties through my own street style looks.

My love and liking

Apart from my love for fashion, there is a traveller inside me that always wants to set free.ย Having lived through five different cities, my heart has become a nomadic soul and this blog has some tit-bits from my travelogue as well. Afterall, the heart always reels under wanderlust!

There’s so much about fashion and lifestyle, but for me it’s all about creating your own ideas. From a skinny girl in school to a petite young girl, my journey has been all about discovering myself at my best with my companions as Fashion and Lifestyle.

Hope you will love going through my posts and ideas. And, thanks a lot for stopping by my blog.

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